First time in Frankivsk

Next concert "Peace for Ukraine" in Ivano Frankivsk, 22 June, 19.00, Arena-Centre

First time in Frankivsk!!!!!!!

Fete de la musique in Lviv

21 of June 19:00 
Music for peace !

"Peace for Ukraine" Tour


31.05 Saturday
18:30 Yellow Water , Street Music and Art Fest 2014

1.06 Sunday
20:00 Poltava, concert "Peace for Ukraine "
Villa Krokodyla ,

2.06 Monday
20:00 Poltava, mantra diving
Villa Krokodyla 

4.06 Wednesday
18:30 Ternopil concert "Peace for Ukraine "

 5.06 Thursday
18 , 30 Ternopil, Mantra diving
"Koza club"

7.06 Saturday
21:30 Kyiv ,
Festival " Fairy Town "

8.06 Sunday
11:30 Kyiv drum master class from Timur festival , festival " Fairy Town "
13:00 Mantra Diving, festival " Fairy Town "

To be continued ... soon :)

Summer Atma Camp in Poland


We have great pleasure to invite all of the 5- day meeting with musicians Atmasfera team .

Dates: from 30th June to 4th July 2014.

Place: Bieszczady Mountains, Pension " Łomiankowa Valley ", Wetlina . Information about the pension and route planner on


Concerts at "Silver Tatosh" and "Multicultural Lublin" festivals


May 17 - concert in Chynadiyev castle at the  Silver Tatosh festival, 10:00-11:30  p.m
May 18 - Mantra diving at the Silver Tatosh festival 
May 24 - Poland, Lublin Multicultural Festival, 9:15 -10:15p.m. 

Spring in Poland


9 and May 16 concerts in the Bieszczady Mountains in the Will Michowa
May 24 Festival Multicultural Lublin-hour. 20:00-21:00

Atma Music Camp is Cancelled


We are very sorry, but due to the fact that not enough people registered, we are forced to cancel the camp.
But all the best events of AtmaCamp we unit in to one day, called Mantra Diving, which will be held May 11 at the recreation complex Grand Resort

Free trip for two to the Atma Music Camp


We have a surprise for you and a present as well!d It's free trip for two to the Atma Music Camp.
More detailed information about Atma Music Camp can be found here:

IMPORTANT ! For everyone , who wants to take part in Atmakemp , regardless of the draw pre-registration and pre-payment are required ! To register, please write here

The draw will be held on May 3 in art cafe GREEN . Time will be revised .
Follow the news

P.S. In case you win the free trip, prepaid money will be returned to you . The trip means living for free and includes free meals throughout Camp.

MANTRA DIVING from Atmasfera


Mantra diving - is a way of immersing yourself in something truly positive and real. Today people really need warmth and something that would fill them from inside, help them relax, take off the tension and rediscover the happiness within their hearts. They require something that would truly help them deal with all the concerns that remain after the recent events.

We know a very efficient and simple way that helps soothe, pacify and reclaim the mind. Its the ancient practice of singing mantras, that carry incredibly powerful energy.

Mantras are spiritual sounds, from Sanskrit, that have a divine nature. Man means mind and tra means elevation. Singing and listening to mantras is very therapeutic and effects both mind and heart, helps us realized our inner happiness and harmony regardless of our surroundings.

In our work we use mantras extensively and consider them to be our central element.
For more than 10 years we have implemented mantra practice every day it has had a very positive effect on us and our lives. This method, tested by personal experience never fails to bring positive results, so we would love to share it with others.

Spring Atmacamp in Lviv 11-15 of may

The program includes:
* Big Mantra Diving on 11.05 from the AtmAsfera band
* music work shops (drums, guitar) 
* Veggi work shops
* Art- evenings
* Jam-session & improvise
* Hatha-yoga trainings 
* performance and work shop from theatre group Wind of Change (

Comfortable accommodation , healthy vegetarian food, no alcohol and cigarettes


There is a compulsor registration and prepayment for those wishing to take part in AtmaMusicCamp . Last day for applications - 7/05

Details information and reservation:
atma.infocentre @
+38 (097) 728 80 81 ,
+38 (093) 910 99 93

We will be very glad to see you!
Gather friends and plan holidays with us

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