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Order a T-shirt from "AtmAsfera" became easier!!!

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«AtmAsfera» continues "Peace for Ukraine" tour, Uzhgorod

11-12 September «AtmAsfera» continues "Peace for Ukraine" tour. Next concert will take place in Uzhgorod We`w already had concerts and tour in more than 20 cities of Ukraine and Europe. 

✔ 11 September 19: 00- concert,Music and drama theater, st. Leo Tolstoy 12, 
✔ September 12 20:00 - Mantra Diving, interactive show.

"Marathon of independence" in Kyiv


24 August at St. Sophia square in Kyiv, we will participate in the "Marathon of independence".

"We all wish to live in peace and unity. Each of us wants to love, to be happy and no one wants war. So, right now more than ever we need to unite and hold together."

Find out the details and watch online here:

Last days of summer with AtmAsfera in Poland

Atmasfera will play in Górzno, Leszno, Poland

30.08, 20:00.

Mantra diving and Friedensfestival Berlin

We are going to Berlin!

✔ 16.08 20:00 Mantra Diving, 

Wamos, Hasenheide 9,

✔ 17.08 20:30 Concert at the Friedensfestival Berlin, 
Alexander plaz

See you soon ! 

Atmasfera in Almaty, Kazakhstan

We promised to come back and now we're going in Almaty!
Schedule of Events in Almaty:
2.08 20:00 Concert, park Gorkogo (Summer Stage)
3.08 20:00 Project Indie Electro Dance Music project Mantra Diving, park them. Gorkogo (Summer Stage)
8-10.08 Atma Music Camp - Music Camp for fans to gorge Almarasan

Art Project on Piknik Country Mrągowo.

For the first time in Poland, we are presenting our original project ATMASFERA ART PEOPLE
We are inviting You from 25th-27th of July at the Piknik Country Mrągowo.
We will be there for you for 3 days -from morning untill evening , detailed program below:
If you play any instruments, please take them with you.



"The Days of Cisna"

We are inviting You for our concert during "The Days of Cisna"
20th of July, 8:00 pm
Free entrance.

Win a T-Shirt from Atmasfera!!!

The draw will take place on the 11th of July at Global Mantra Diving, at Woodstok UA. fest

To participate you need to register here.

Global Mantra Diving at the Woodstock

We are inviting everyone and everybody to the Global Mantra Diving with Atmasfera band at the Woodstock Ukraine on 10 July, 23:45 (11:45 PM)

It will be something incredible ;)

Global interactive musical performance by Atmasfera band, would be held during the festival WOODSTOSK Ukraine. 

Mantra Diving - a place where true emotions wake up and inertia and routine disappears. This is where you not only can, but MUST get off the gravity of the earth and dive into and surf on the waves of amazing sounds. 

We invite EVERYONE to participate! 

The most important thing is your enthusiasm, willingness and desire to create something really cool together :)

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