Mėnuo Juodaragis festival in Lithuania


We invite everybody to our performance at the 18th edition of yearly independent post-folk alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture festival MĖNUO JUODARAGIS- calling all tribes to beloved Zarasai island again on the last weekend of Summer, August 28-30. You welcome for three magic days of inflaming original music, ancient crafts, rites, land-art, workshops, lectures, great friends and beautiful Nature.


  • 29.08 Atmasfera performance at the Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival
  • The island of Lake Zarasas, Lithuania, 

Summer at the Woodstock UA festival


We invite you to "AtmAsfera" concert at the Woodstosk UA festival

8th of August 2015 8:00 PM
The Swirzh Castle

Free entrance

Only registered visitors can get to the festival. Online registration is here.

Atmasfera performances in Berlin


We are going back to Germany. See you soon in Berlin.

10. 7. 20:00 - Mantra Diving
WAMOS, Hasenheide 9 (U Hermannplatz), Berlin
free entrance

11. 7. 20:30 - Concert at the 11. Yogafestival Berlin
Gutspark Kladow, Neukladower Allee 9-12, Berlin

Atmasfera performance at the Trypilske_kolo

Atmasfera will perform on the 27 of June, 22:00 at the Trypilske_kolo festival in Rzhyshchiv, Kyiv region, on the bank of the Dniper river.

Celebration of International Yoga Day in Kyiv

United Nations General Assembly has recently proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.We personally do support International Day of Yoga celebration and we want to join this noble initiative and to invite you to celebrate this event with us on 20 and 21 Junе.

20.06  Mantra Diving at the festival "Kraina Mriy", 17:00
21.06 Yoga Picnic, 11:00
21.06 Concert at the festival "Kraina Mriy", 18:00

"Yoga as an ancient physical and spiritual practice has not only recreational value but it can unite society and educate for mutual respect. Yoga can contribute greatly to the development and reconciliation of the world. In addition to a variety of exercises and asanas yoga also includes other practices such as relaxation, breathing and meditation with mantras that are available for everyone. 
We widely use yoga sounds known as mantras in our music and develop interactive concerts style - Mantra Divings. We're trying to make our contribution to the peace in the world in such way."

Atmasfera in Norway


We invite you to our events in Norway:

6.06 - 7.06 Stoppestedverden festival, a multicultural children festival, Hamar
6.06 - Oslo Musik fest, Oslo
8.06 - Mantra diving, 19:00 Yoga club, Radhusgata 20, Oslo

Atmasfera at Carnival of Culture in Berlin

Welcome to the concert in Berlin at the Carnival of Culture on the Eurasian stage on 23.05  at 21:30. 
Address: Zossener-/Ecke Blücherstraße. 

About the idea and program of the Atmasfera Festival


The Atmasfera Festival will be held at the Rosarium Silesian Park in Chorzów, Poland, on 29-31 May 2015.

As a group of friends - people who carry the same positive message and attitude to life as Atmasfera, we decided to organize a festival with them like no other. Our common dream is to create a festival with an innovative formula where music, theatre, yoga, ecology, art therapy and the art of decoration can exist simultaneously in one place and at one time.

The Atma Sfera Festival - a magical land of colors

Atmasfera Festival in Poland


Dear friends, we want to invite you to Atmasfera Festival.

Atmasfera Festival is our old dream that we finally dared to realize thanks to our friends.


We always wanted to create and play some another music, music that not exists just for itself, but music that makes consciousness better. You can say this is a so-called eco music where "eco" means something that does not litter, does not destroy but cares and restores instead. This idea transpired on everything we do and encouraged us to look for different ways to change our attitude to the world and people. Change it from consuming to caring about the environment through art.


After heartbreaking positive experience we get great confidence in what we do and as a result was a desire to share it with others by creating an art space called Atmasfera Festival.


The program of the festival is organized so that one could stop, get out of the hustle and take a look at everything from a different perspective. At the fest a variety of practices will be presented that will help to get it. That is a new format of mass action, through which we want to show the world we live in and we welcome you there.


29-31.05 ATMASFERA FESTIVAL Chorzow, Silesian Park |Park Śląski|

Mantra Diving tour in Poland


We invite you to our new program Mantra Diving. We presented it in Ukraine and now it's time for Poland.

Diving Mantra is our original interactive program. New songs, new emotion, new experience.

19.04 Bielsko-Biala, Studio Dakini 17.00
26.04 Cieszyn, Cafe Museum, Regera 6, 16.00
30.04 Koszalin, Kawalek Podlogi Club, Piastowska 21, 19.00
13.05 Bytom, Dance Theatre and Movement Rozbark, Kilara 29, 19.00
15.05 Poznan, Yoga Studio Yam, Kochanowskiego 4, 19.00
16.05 Warsaw, Centre for the Promotion of Culture, Podskarbinska 2, 21.00
20.05 Katowice, MDC Dab, Krzyzowa 1, 18.00
21.05 Tychy, Culture Club Purchase, Wyszynskiego 32, 18.00
22.05 Chorzow, MDC Batory, S. Batorego 6, 19.00

29-31.05 ATMASFERA FESTIVAL Chorzow, Silesian Park |Park Śląski|

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