Atmasfera events in November

Welcome to our events in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland 

✓ 7.11 Kyiv / UA / "Ulichnaya eda" Festival 
16:00, Art factory Platforma

✓13.11 Ostrava / CZ / Mantra diving 
19:00, Fit&Fun Studio 

✓14.11 Prague / CZ / St.Martin festivities, concert
18:45 Rašínovo nábřeží

✓20.11 Walbrzych / PL / Concert
18.30 Teatr Dramatyczny w Wałbrzychu, 

✓ 22.11 Katowice / PL / Mantra Diving
19.00 Synergia Music Club

✓ 27.11 Wroclaw / PL / concert
"Wrocławski Przegląd Piosenki Studenckiej"
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✓28.11 Poznan / PL / Mantra Diving
18.00 Studio Jogi Jam, Kochanowskiego 4

Mantra diving and concert in Czech Republic


13-14th of November we will play in Czech RepublicYou are welcome on our events :

  • 13.11 Ostrava, Mantra diving, 

19:00 Fit&Fun Studio Ostrava
ul. Tovarni 486/7 Marianske Hory
Admission is free

  • 14.11 Prague, St.Martin festivities, concert

18:45 St.Martin festivities
Rašínovo nábřeží, 120 00 Prague 
Find the map here

More information:

Fruit Fusion Party in Oslo and Trondheim


Join us at Chateau Neuf and experience ATMASFERA; an Ukrainian World Music Band with lots of experience and a lot to share.

We in Oslo Meditation School are into sharing the depth and beauty of Yogalifestyle, which includes music, singing and dancing. Atmasfera concert is a great musical and artistic experience, but at the same time there is much more to it than music. 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity, it will touch your heart.

Sharing is caring: The entrance fee is 120kr + handful of fruits :) We collect fruit by the door and distribute later.

*Sharing great moments and delicious fruits!*

Welcome to Fruit Fusion Party:

- 17.10 6 PM, Oslo
Det Norske Studentersamfund, Chateau Neufs Slemdalsveien 15, Lillesalen.
Entrance: 120 kr & handful of fruits

- 22.10 7 PM, Trondheim
Lobbyen / Verkstedhallen, Strandveien 29
Entrance: 120 kr & handful of fruits

Norwegian autumn with Atmasfera


On 14 of October we will come to Norway

Here are our events:

✓ 17.10 Oslo, Fruit Fusion Party
✓ 18.10 Oslo, Mantra diving
✓ 20.10 Trondheim, Mantra diving
✓ 22.10 Trondheim, Fruit Fusion Party
✓ 24.10 Trondheim, Atma Music Camp
✓ 25.10 Trondheim, Atma Music Camp
✓ 31.10 Oslo, Mantra diving
✓ 28.10 Oslo, OpenXpression

Fruit Fusion Party is a place for relax, inspiration and fun!


✓ presentation of Atmasfera new interactive music program called Mantra diving, 
✓ theatrical performance
✓ drum workshops from Atmasfera’s drummer - Teimuraz Gogitidse

So take your drum, fruits, invite your friends and join the party. See you soon )

- 17.10 6 PM, Oslo

Det Norske Studentersamfund, Chateau Neufs Slemdalsveien 15, Lillesalen.
Entrance: 120 kr & handful of fruits

- 22.10 7 PM, Trondheim
Lobbyen / Verkstedhallen, Strandveien 29

Kraina Mriy festival in Lviv

10th of october Atmasfera will perform in Lviv at theKraina Mriy festival, the bigest ethno festival in Ukraine with more the 12 years of history.

10/10 8 PM
Shevchenkivskyi Hay, Lviv, Lviv Oblast 


Autumn with Atmasfera band

26.09 Uzhgorod, Mantra diving, Phantom club 
✓ 10.10 Lviv, "Kraina Mriy" festival
✓ 15.10-5.11 Oslo and Trondheim, concerts and Mantra divings in Norway
... the list will be continued soon

Celebration of the Day of Uzhgorod with Atmasfera band


  September 26, at 19:00, on Saturday, in the Phantom Club, the band "AtmAsfera" will present their new project "Mantra Diving" as a gift to the Day of Uzhgorod.  

 The "Mantra Diving " is an interactive musical performance, which has already been presented in different cities of Ukraine, as well as at concert venues in Poland, Germany, Norway, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.   New compositions, ambient sound, themed video series, introduction to mantras.   The musicians invite you to their world.  Now, not only to listen, but also to actively participate and interact with them. Everyone can be themselves and can break off of Earth's gravity and dive into the waves of amazing sounds. The territory of "Mantra Diving" is alcohol, nicotine and drugs free.

26th of septamber, 7 PM, Phantom Club
Uzghorod, Kapushanska str. 156 A

14.06-25.08 Atmasfera in Almaty

We're сoming back to Almaty

✓14-16.08 Eco- ethnic festival "Four E") Atmasfera will perform on the festival with concert on 14.08 and interactive project "Mantra Diving" on 15.08.

✓18.08 Mantra diving in Art Point

✓21-23.08 Atmacamp - 3 days of good music,mantra divings, workshops, hatha yoga, hiking and delicious vegetarian dishes together with AtmAsfera in the Almarasan gorge.

✓26.08 Mantra diving in yoga studio Chintamany

Detail information about ATMACAMP in Almaty you can get via email:

Mėnuo Juodaragis festival in Lithuania


We invite everybody to our performance at the 18th edition of yearly independent post-folk alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture festival MĖNUO JUODARAGIS- calling all tribes to beloved Zarasai island again on the last weekend of Summer, August 28-30. You welcome for three magic days of inflaming original music, ancient crafts, rites, land-art, workshops, lectures, great friends and beautiful Nature.


  • 29.08 Atmasfera performance at the Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival
  • The island of Lake Zarasas, Lithuania, 

Summer at the Woodstock UA festival


We invite you to "AtmAsfera" concert at the Woodstosk UA festival

8th of August 2015 8:00 PM
The Swirzh Castle

Free entrance

Only registered visitors can get to the festival. Online registration is here.

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